Saturday, October 30, 2010

while away from the desk

I decided to try and take a photo of a digi stamp (i.ea drawing) I coloured in the vain hope that it will come out fantastic ...yeah right! As I was downloaded my card I discovered that my little photographer had been at work. She snapped the penguins while they were in the process of being coloured for the clipart set.
And here she is with her favourite photo subject :) (sorry for the back view:) )

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A breast cancer angel gift from Inspiration Mutz Embroidery

This is the digitized and sewn custom angel for breast cancer which I designed for Inspiration Mutz Embroidery . Isn't she gorgeous! I was blown away when I saw how the clipart was transformed. This angel is stitched on Mylar over a lace-like base. As part of the grand opening of Ursula's new store, she is now giving this design as a Gift on a Purchase of any value.So click on by the the store and get your angel :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

IF - Racing

And they are off, on the waddle of the century, Who will come first? Will number 45 keep his balance? Watch out for number 2, as he comes up on on the rear.

Water colour pencils on paper.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Digital Stamps

After many weeks (months actually) of toying with the idea, I have finally decided to separate my digital stamps from designs I create for embroiders, i.e I will have a separate websites. This has resulted in 4 days of absolute fustration and eye ache as I try to copy the outline ( of the nice thing-a-me-bobs eg points reward system etc) of one site to another, and as fate would have it, it has almost worked but for one little thing - my catalogues of product list are not reading where the products are located on the site ince they are click one :(- all else so far see to work but that!!! urgg!
Anyway I am way over my allowed number of script manipulations or something ( I was playing blindly with databases for 20 mins) and now have to wait a day before I can go in and attempt to solve my problem - or I may get a nasty bill - I am not sure if I will still not see it.
So in the mean time I drew a little digital stamp with christmas in mind and then used some not very good watercolour pencils.But I really can't blame the pencils to much as they are from the supermarket and are sold for kids for school, so I should not have been to surprized when the blue, purple and green colours did not want to "blend" or move when I gently applied the paintbrush to them as instructed. In the end I took one of my harder bristle brushes and scrubbed it about lol. The pic is the digital stamp coloured and photoshoped to try to get the colour to match what I did on paper.
Does anyone know why when I scan I get much lighter colours?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A little cucake card :)

I just adore this cute birthday card made by Tazza of My Everyday Gifts. She uses one of the cupcake doodle line art/digital stamps set which can be found here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

IF: Old Fashion

I got an assignment this week which fitted into the Illustration Friday theme - Old fashion :) I am doing some illustrations for the old nursery rhyme Three Little Kittens. So here is a painted sketch of the first scene where they have lost there mittens. It is also done the old fashion way - with a real paintbrush and paints :) The pic below is why I paint digitally at present :)When I was out of the room my daughter decided it was time to practice writing her name :) Thank God for photoshop!