Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Frightful fish on Sunday

My folks are visiting, the house a mess, time is short, so here's a little frightfully colourful dishy fish for Sunday Sketches. It is a coloured sketch of some design thoughts. Black pen (water proof), watercolour pencil with water  - on sketch paper -so not overly great, then I got a metalic pen, after I blow dried it with the hair drier, and traced over the black pen.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A little woodland fairy - basic

Monday in the real world was a grey cold pre-spring day, with my hubby, visiting dad and daughter all down with a stomach bug, but in fairy land it was a lovely  day :) Actually I don't know what it is but fairies, both the fair and their evil counter parts, always interested me.   I've got two rather cool how to draw fairies book the other day which I will take  a pic of one day and blog. 
This pic which I started on Sunday is done in watercolour pencils and turpentine. The reason why I used turpentine and not water is rather simple. The line art is created in Illustrator which I then print on paper. Initially when I printed the line art out I would heat seal it with my iron ( yes the one I should be using with the laundry) and then I would colour with the watercolour pencils and water, and it worked great. BUT my printer ink ran out and I got it refilled, and then for some reason the new ink would not heat seal and whenever I tried to "paint" the black ink ran. I asked around and I was told to try turpentine instead of water.  I did, and the black in did not run. I also found that when I used turpentine the end colour was more vivid and I could use regular drawing paper. The cons were that the colour did not seem to spread as much as with water, and it was resistant to spreading on the watercolour paper I have on hand. So that is why I use turpentine instead of water - to stop the printer ink from running. I have also been told that when I use turpentine I do not have to stick to watercolour pencils but can also use regular colour pencils. I have not tired this as yet though.

Hope you have a bright day.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Sketches

a rather blah art day today. Was up too early and worked on some line art and then coloured one and started on another. The colour that is progress is an evolution of last weeks fairy. Medium used is water colour pencil with turpentine. Lines was created in Illustrator. Yup these are test for digital stamps :]
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring cleaning

Just changing somethings with my blogs - eg such as my blog address lol. Not sure what it will effect or not :) 
It must be the coming of spring.
For some reason I got Creative Tuesdays date for messed up in my head, so I missed it :(

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday sweet Sunday

Today is Sunday, and do you know why it is such a glorious day today, not only is the weather wonderful - it is not just +12C ( first time since November we are seeing such nice weather), nor the fact that the sun has been out shinning all day, but tomorrow is Monday!!! Yes I am looking forward to Monday. After 4 days of having the kids home and being a "close" family for 4 days I am looking forward and hoping that all are able and well to go off to school or work tomorrow. On that shameful self-indulgent note, I did this little sketch for Sunday Sketches as I had some time by myself as the house was swarmed with some kids from up the hill :P.  
Hope you are having a great weekend, and pop over to  Sophia's Sunday Sketches   to see some fab arist work.
p.s Yes she is eating a lollypop - it is her breakfast for next week once she get a little colour in her life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanna show your digi stamp talent :)

Yup that is right another competition is happening - yeah!.   For those who ask what is a digi stamp or more properly called a Digital stamp, it is the digital equivalent to an physical art stamp you may buy in a craft store, cover with ink, stamp on paper and then colour, A digital stamp is also just the black and white line art without shading. One of the main uses of digital stamps is in the making of hand-made cards. If you pop over to my other blog you can see lots of digital stamps in use.

Okay back to the competition.
Digital Crafters Art Center is holding the competition "CDAC First Ever Drawing Competition". The competition is open to folks who already draw and sell digital stamps, and to folks who would just like to try it out. If you click here you can read more about it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tux Paint - paint program for kids.

I got a faster pc last week and have and am spending all my time moving my files programs etc from the old pc to the "new" one. The old pc will become the kids. Since I spend most my time doing some form of drawing at the pc they too wish to draw but I have found that for a 5-6 year old and a 8yr old (turned this week :)  ) photoshop is too complicated  and paint is too basic and boaring. So I searched the net and found Tux Paint. It is realatively easy to use and if you download the stamp version there are tons of things for the kid to do. The program is a GNU program ( free and done for hte public - bless their hearts) and can be found here
It should also be noted that there is sound to this program - basic noises as well as educational ones such as when you stamp a particular bird it states what type of bird eg lark.

The pic is not mine but one I found on the net but is a very good image.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

the doddle compo

After much heming an hawing I did something for it. I figure I did too little doodles OR the space given it too much(I like to think the latter) lol. Anyway it was actually quite tough to do, which actually surprised me. Here is my entry, not overly happy with the results but ...

As I finished this today this will be my SS.So pop by Sophia's Sunday Sketches to see the some fantastic artist.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"It has been a loooong day."  Francis yawned as he settled down on his favorite pile of leaves.
Ahh finally I managed to get a Creative Tuesday entry and just by the skin of my teeth possibly. I had planned for 2 weeks to do something. Lord only knows what but I planned to do it. But alas  yesterday and last night did not allow and when I woke this morning at 4.30am I checked out Mr. toast and the link addition thingy was still there, so off I went in illustrator and dealt with one of my snails. And the linky link thing was still there when finished so - YEAH I got to do a creative Tuesday :D cool!!! So pop by Mr Toast and check out the other Creative Tuesday artist :)