Saturday, April 27, 2013

on my desk top

Morning, I am still suffering from the afterglow of reading my ArtRage 4 manual- sigh*** Below is what my present Wacom screen looks like just before 7am on a wet cold dreary morning.
 This is a WIP  page for a story I am working on.  What I wanted to share was the little custom colour picker which I discovered yesterday (yes by reading the manual). The custom color picker is the 1/4 circle in the lower left corner, with the painted bird in it.  I was quite concerned how I would paint the bird 30+ times throughout the story other than use the reference postcard (upper right with the pin). Then I read about how  I could sample my colours from another image. Yes that is nothing new, photoshop and illustrator etc can do it. So I got my original mock up and took the colour sample "shot" and I was expecting to see little squares which I would have to muddle my way through, but low and behold  when I opened the customer color picker I saw my bird and I just more my cursor on it and I get the color I need- WOW!! I am so thrilled about this! Yes Geeky I know.
I should state for the record this is not a new feature and is available in the lower version, whose manual I did not read.
p.s - if any of you are wondering about the bird in the picture - she is in a cage, but as I am focusing on just painting her at the moment  I have made the cage's line art invisible, hence she floats in mid air :)
p.p.s I am using digital watercolour here.

Friday, April 26, 2013

a 10 minute unwind

unwinding from a non art day with a little symmetry play with my new artrage 4- yup I upgraded it today and am loving it. I think I am loving it too for I finally read a manual and there are some things this program can do that are amazing.  Okay off to wash the dishes- urghhh

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fortune telling on a Sunday

It is April now and each day on the local news portal there are predictions of when Spring will come. We wait in anticipation of that day as it snows and snows. There is not talk of summer as yet :)   So today my Sunday Sketches entry is a fortune teller.
Digital water colour with a touch of digital colour pencils.
Wishing you a Wonderful Sunday ♥♥♥