Friday, January 25, 2013

PB Dummy Challege

I have not for years set a goal but this year I have decided to try and do one complete picture dummy book. So I have applied to join the unoffical PB Dummy Challenge - I am crossing my fingers I am not too late in the game to play.  Either way I will follow the guides and do a book of my own -yeah !  So the first thing to do is to pick a project. Hmm that is hard I am between Peep and turt and my  little ghoul boy. I think I might be leaning towards Peep and turt as they might be easier to deal with..hmmm...
ghoul boy

peep and turt

Till next time :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A birthday sample

copyright Jehanne Silva-Freimane
A reject job sample to show I can draw and paint,  which I decided to finish as I wanted to play more with Painter.   A number of things need moving to make it more balance, but ....  The words are not the original ones that come with story  but are mine and tell the situation (Oh my I see  typOs LOL) .
Used Painter 12 - colour pencil, watercolour and blenders.