Monday, August 15, 2011

A Moon On Creative Tuesday

 Mr Toast's Creative Tuesday Theme this week is Moon. So for it I experiemented with printed words on paper and then a drawing on top. I did not get the effect that I wanted I think because I used mainly water colour pencils and then colour pencils,- it might work better with acrylics but I am to lazy at the moment to dig them out :)
The history of the ACEO is that this is one of the dress rehersals for the real Hey Diddle Diddle and the cow did not make it over the moon. She blamed it on the moon not being full and hence her judgement, persepective, angle and speed were off.
Hope you all have a great Tuesday and pop by Mr Toast's to see what the other artist have done this Creative Tuesday. 
Cheers :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Sunday Kitty

Sunday sweet Sunday. Another week that has gone in the blink of an eye. I spent the last 6 weeks working on 23 book illustration and finished the last one on Wednesday night - yeah. However now I am in the I can't settle to  draw phase - sob, my brain seem to be just refusing to allow my hand to  even pick up pencil- yikes!.
Regular SS-er may recall a while back Marlene did some felting sheep and I was really intrigued.  So when I went to the art and craft store and saw some felting wool I had to buy it. After which I discovered I need a felting needle.. which I then ordered via ebay lol. Sooo on  Friday feeling completely art zapped I felted this little kitty.  It looked nothing like the sketch but thankfully it was not covered in blood from my felting wounds and it did look like a recognizable cat :).

On a sad note Sophia, her dad and her family are in need to our prayers as her dad's cancer has taken a turn for the worse :(  Sophia you are in our thoughts and prayers.

In Sophia's absence dear Heather at Rose Hill designs is hosting Sunday Sketches. So pop on by and see what the SSers are up to this week.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hanging out the washing on Sunday Sketches

I can't the believe the week has zoomed by. We spent two days canoeing and camping and I forgot the suncream and am burnt to a cinder- ouch.  Actually I am so behind in some work that I did not think I would make SS this week but this bit of whimsy was calling out to be drawn. I think it said to many fairies and mermaids have been drawn recently. So in this sketch a witch is getting ready for halloween, and the important things have been washed and are now out and drying. 
Hope you have a great Sunday and pop by our darling Sohphia's blog and see what the SS artist have thought up this week.