Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Beginner's Guide to Digital Stamps

Here is another one where a coloured clipart is used in the composition of the card. This one takes you through the whole process of downloading the clipart to your pc to finishing the card.

How To Download, Re-size, and Print Digital Stamps

A while ago I looked for some U-tubes about using clipart as digital stamps but could only find ones where folks used traditional stamps and coloured. Now there are a couple out there :)
Here is one where the person used a black and white clipart as a digital stamp. This is quite basic and show just how to add the stamp to a word doc.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Looking for a "New" Sign

Well I was it again. I shut the store and started to try to add the rewards- points module, again. This time I approached it more methodically . Prior to shutting the store down, I create folders within folders (nested them) for the files, went to the ftp, downloaded to the right area (as I am now wiser to my last mistake), copied this nested folder and worked on the copied one - so I had two sets of the files - one unaltered and one altered. It took a couple of hours and I altered them according to a fix - which did not work :(, so I went back to the original guys code and WHA_LA - it worked. Well it mainly works. There were/are a couple bugs such as the guy designed it to be only a discount scheme and not for people to be able to use the points to pay completely for an item, and hence on the shop forum he sort of say bugger off if you wish it to be used that way, but in a very nice way :) So I had to try and work a way around that with sort of some success resulting in notes to customers on bills hoping they will not get too annoyed at my lack of coding ability. Anyway with my rewards-points module installed I was looking for a "new" sign - no sense doing it and not promoting it . Finding a new animated sign which does not bring on a fit is not easy. Just looking at them was making me feel ill, I understand you wish to draw the eye but it would be so nice if the creators will make the blinking, twirling and rolling slower. Maybe it is just my age catching up with me...
However at a site ( I saw the little monster and I just had to post it :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just a note

Ahh what a weekend. On Friday I added a "down-time" module to the site with no problem - phew. Then on Saturday I printed out upteem pages, closed the site and then started to work on "the module". This module is a reward points scheme which is rather good, expect that after installing it, it was not working good in my shop and had some rather serious hick-up eg if you your balance was $0 after you used your points you could not use paypal then and could not hence get your file. I later read another file and and he said he had a fix. The fix did not work as it created a loop so you never left check out. So the module was exed and I put back my files - in much less time there, BUT .... of course something had to go wrong. And come Sunday night 9pm I got a reply from the shop creator's forum as to the possible problem - it was possible that I re-upload the wrong file in the wrong area. I checked and the dear was right. So by the time I hit the bed last night I had a much less serious headache than the hour before and I say to the guys who offered the help and the one with the solution ... a big

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beautiful Proteas from clipart to embroidery

I started last month putting up some of my work at - mainly digital stamps but I decided if a clipart request caught my eye I would attempt to do it. Well I saw one asking for Prtoea designs. At first I looked and clicked away. Protea what is that ? What type of flower. After putting around for a couple of hours I went back and looked, no other artist had answered so I googled the flower and thought wow this is different. To cut a long story short I did a mini clipart set of 5 protea clipart. The lady who made a general restquest name is Karen and she liked the set and digitsed it and Boy did she do a fantastic job. Here are some pics of Karen's stitched out of two of the clipart that she digitised.

Karen's digitised set with some extremely cool suggestiong can be found here
The clipart can be gotten via here.