Saturday, June 27, 2009

Julia Quinn

A little something different this week :) Julia Quinn is one of my favourite authors (at the moment) and on Tuesday her latest book is due out. It is a semi- sequel to another one which was rather good. Anyway the point of this note is that I can't figure out why the publishers are now adding little book previews for prospective buyers - when I see them I think the word ham. This one is not too bad but I have seen others which made me just laugh at how awful they are.

I am sure the book will be tons better and I await for its arrival in about a week after publication from the book depository - with their free shipping worldwide (almost) - had to give them a plug.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

By Artful Xpressions

I just wanted to share a card Micki of Artful Xpressions made with the Jessi stamp. I really love the colours, colouring and background and how alive and happy the card looks. Thanks for doing a great job.
A direct link to the card is here

Monday, June 22, 2009

Little clowns

Ahh this seems to be one of those morning I feel like doing nothing. My glasses are getting constantly smudged and my left sinuse feels heavy. Must be because I spent an hour last night and about the same time this morning trying to get an ip banning module on the site to work but with no luck all this is in hope to do the unthinkable and ban THE search engine spider -googlebot! He is the bane of my life as he messes up downloads and drives me crazy with his frequent visits. Today he has been by at least 5 times in as many hours. I have tried banning him via the google recommended robot text but he is ignoring it it seems

Anyway...i n a designer group the challenge last week was to great something related to the circus, and here on tv at sometime in the year (usually in winter I think) circus acts from Morocco are shown. These are rather cool as they feature acts from all over the world and not many animals are involved and focus more on the grace, strength and beauty of the human form. After saying all that I drew two little non svelte clown kids. Here is a pic of the boy using an embroidery effect program on the clipart.
The set can be found here and here

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dotti's cook out

Here is an attempt using the Dotti digital stamp which can be found at I was not totally sure what to do with her, so in t he end I blotted out the star with a pot and wah-La got decided on a casual type invitation. Since the party is to be on the 4th of July I decided to go with the appropriate colours :) A digital paper as a the background, a corrugated cardboard jpg colour changed, resized. On one I used a glitter edge action but had to then trim it as it was too wide for my liking., figured out how to get the stitching action to work, but I am not overly happy with it. Then I added some brads, coloured the dotti clipart, her pot and steam. And then of course added some shadow. Of course this is a photoshop project as I don't have the materials to do the real think Free Smiley Courtesy of but if I did I am not sure I could do it with the kids around nor will I find by some mysterious monster my things decorating the house in one form or fashion. (I have now got to remove a page which mysteriouly was stuck to the parquet floorFree Smiley Courtesy of

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little peacock as a stamp

Converted the little peacock into a digital stamp this weekend. I'm still fretting over line width as I found the freebie I did - hug a cat ( to download it go to the line to heavy for colouring - something I did not realise - and in the below post and this I made the line thinner, but now I worry may it is too thin and what if someone wants a heavier line and have only really jpg or png etc etc.Free Smiley Courtesy of

Oh this of course is done via the pc in totally - all expect he original sketch (which may have been also done via the pc but I can't remember now lol). The background and bird were painted - the former via the paint bucket, the latter with the airbrush took to get shadding etc, then I used atomic cupcake's destressed action and added the created effect to a new layer with the colour burn properties and reduced the tranparencies. I found some ribbon I created for an earlier scrapbook set, resized it and changed the colour, did the same thing for some tacks/ brads. Added a shadow to each element to give it (I hope) a more 3D effect and then my book mark was finished.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Making Stamps - Summer Day Girl

Boy this stamp making business is rather a bit more complicated than I had original thought. The problem comes with the line width. While in embroidery designs the bigger the line the better and no line even better, in stamping the opposite seems to be true. And while in embroidery a complete picture per say is desired in stamping it is not eg when a girl sits in embroidery clipart it is good to have things around her eg rock, flowers etc, but with stamping while you can have all that, it seems to be better not to as card making artist may desire to but this 3D element (a flower) or that. So the result I am finding is that I can't just change my colour filled clipart into stamp without some manipulation. Time is saved some times by not having to draw from scrtach but not much :(
Ah well here is my attempt with a new stamp set that will be up at later today when the states wake up. It is all done on the pc - digital water colour painting, then the painted clipart is opened in photoshop. In photoshop I used a ribbon gotten atomic cup cake as well as there cut out and tissue action.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Dogs

Began sketching some puppies this week and trying to decided if to do each breed in a set or just have them all out as in my sketch as call it wally.

Anyway on the dog blog I follow I saw this video that I just had to post. Hope you enjoy it - I did :)

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