Tuesday, April 26, 2011

IF: Bicycle

Between the time H.D.Wilbert Jr. fell from the wall and hit the ground, one potent memory of his youth flashed though his mind.


p.s. Water colour pencil with water on paper not meant to be used with water :(

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday - an egg and a bicycle :)

ahh Sunday, Sunday, what to do this Sunday :) I've been swamped the last 2 weeks with kids home sick (yes both managed to do it at the same time- and I am crossing my fingers one will be off this week - not even a sputter of a cough or a sniffle from him at home- but when we get to the Dr's office ...); a ton of drawings needed for my other blog ( a blog hop compo) and of course a little commission piece, which took too long to do in the end.  So today is Sweet Sunday, Easter Sunday, and of course Sunday Sketches (yeah!)  and with so much possibilities to post I decided to do ..an egg. But not any egg but one on a bicycle :) (note I do not use the word bike)   Ahh here's hoping I get to colour this for IF, for it was real relaxing to draw.  Well my alone time is almost up. I think I feel the vocal cords of my darling monsters starting to rumble.
So Happy Easter dear bloggie friends and check Sophia's Sunday Sketches   to see some great artists and their work.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Out of bed on Sunday

What can I say, other than I am sick. Started to come down with the cold on Wednesday - had the sore throat you could ignore. Then on Thursday I got a slight runny nose with the ignorable sore throat, Friday and Saturday I was abed (kids ran wild) but today I am up - yeah the whole house rejoices (they think they will get some clean glasses and food:) )- well I'm up at the moment - may head back for a snooze soon.
I was trying to draw a series of the cartoon cat to follow the 2 from last week, but alas he was ill too and just refused to be quirky. 
Hope you are feeling good this Sunday and check Sophia's Sunday Sketches   to see some great artists and their work. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to steal like an artist

I found this article via facebook wall and thought "ahh here is somthing my bloggie friends might enjoy. Just click below.
Enjoy :)


Monday, April 4, 2011

Still playing with the fairy

Just playing with the fairy. I found if I "borrowed" my hubbies lazer printer I can print the line art and then use water colours with water on it with no line smudging - yeah!.
In the top on one I used photoshop to play with the scanned watercolour - I added  a light flare and lightening effecting. In the bottom I did it via Painter. The fairy dust is via painter.
Made a mistake with the red mushroom and the window light:(
Hope you have a good day.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cats on a Sunday?

Alas this title is not full accurate. It should be sharing cats on Sunday :) as I drew these fellows on Friday, and would any of the groups have a topic Cats ..nooooo! Just kidding. A while back I did some pics/clipart for embroidery digitizing called Hats with Dogs and a lady who is a fantastic embroiderer and digitizer requested some cats in hats- easy - nope. So after look at google pics and attempting to draw the furry creatures I decided to buy a "how to draw cats". I bought this .
This is actually quite a good book - he draws many breeds (which is what I need) and various positions. The only problem I have is that he does not seem to give a formula for the face. As you can see in my sketch of a Himalayan Blue point it looks rather like a dog - I think the problem is the eyes and maybe the nose :(
So in fustration I drew the little cartoon fella. Ahhh now he needs a name - Rex?? :)
As today is Sunday pop over to  Sophia's Sunday Sketches   to see some super artists' work. 
Hope all have a great Sunday.
p.s. There are two new art groups which I have yet to attend but desire to. On Friday  the newbie is  Paint Party Friday and on Saturday it is Saturday Sweets.  So cool. So mark you calenders ladies and gents :).