Sunday, May 31, 2009


An idea thought is an idea out there - is what I have been told. Once you speak it or in my case sketch/ doodle it is out there more for the world to grasp. Now it has happened that on many an occasion I have doodle and sketched something which I would be doing for the site and then wham before I get it up on the pc or site, some one has beaten me to the punch. No copying, no talking to the other artist, just that they had the same idea as meFree Smiley Courtesy of Only really twice can I recall when it has happened that made me really want to band my head, and then of course this morning. I had this little sketch for a while and only on Friday did I decided and put to paper the full set and was going to work on it this week or next - Free Smiley Courtesy of

Yes I know there are no new ideas but old ones coming around around again but ...
Oh well, that is life -thud thud ( banging my head on my desk).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rag doll Christmas

Coming later this week is the Rag Doll Christmas line art set.
Next week I hope to have the colour versions of this and the kittens.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Little Kitten singles line art

Some cute little kittens are up this week. At the moment only the line art is up - which can be used as coloured work sort of like red work - if you wish to use red thread - for digitisers; or as digital stamps if you are like to use them in making cards or scrapbook elements.
The image above just shows some the them singles bunched together:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Digi Stamps

An article on Digital stamping showing the results of couple examples and the pro and cons - Digi Stamps.
The techniques for the cards are hybrids where the author has used both digital and traditional card techniques. The results are very pleasing.

In a nut shell the Pros seem to be 1. that you can resize your image - if the image is a vector you can resize it to really any size your printer allows - for me these would be file endings in EPS, AI, EMF, WMF. I think the EPS are opened by most graphic programs. If the image is pixel the amount of resizing is limited by the resolution (dpi) of the image. Since in digital stamping one will tend to want to have clean non-fuzzy lines the higher the dpi the better - good dpi in my opinion is 300 dpi. and the file ends I tend to use are JPG, PNG, BMP and EPS (nonvector due to the program it is saved in eg photoshop).
2. They are very affordable.

The major con the author mentioned is printing and the ink. Since most digi stamps need to be coloured, you the card maker need to colour the line art image that has been printed. Depending on your paper type, weight, glue and colouring technique you need to make sure that your lines will not run. I personally would be very interested in hearing more about this and how to avoid messy lines.

The full article can be found via this link Digi Stamps

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playing with Manga

In my inbox I get a number of freelance jobs which if the mood hits I can apply and try my luck. Last week a job was posted looking for a cute little child alien illustration. It was something that took my fancy and I tried with much success to put my thoughts on paper. The result was horrible until I figured out I had no idea of how to propotion a manga face (have not dealt with the body yet). I found this site which is rather cool, instruction wise , Below is the results of it, and while a manga fan may say it is not such, I am pretty happy with the end result :)
The line art
The coloured version

Monday, May 4, 2009

creating newspaper pots

Well my back is hurting today so I will stay away from the computer chair and the spade outside i.e preparing garden beds, but I got tons of seeds I need to plant them. I bumped up on this video on making paper pots which is rather cool and I will do it with the kids today. So while the garden bed can't be prepared today at least I can start the seeds.

...a week later
We tried the pots. The kids had a great time making them and was now wait for the seeds to sprout.