Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miracles do happen... well some small ones

I was going to write today about sock monkeys and mermaids which I sketched this week, but I got an email this afternoon from my favourite internet bookshop - the Book Depository- telling me - taa-dumm- I had won in their book mark composition!!! Well I was one of the to be 10 winner which is now 20, but my little book mark illustration of with three birds will be printed in thousands, well at least hundred, and will grace the bedside tables, floors and garbage cans of thousands of folks :D
If you go here you can see not only my book mark but the other winners as well. Some of them of are really good. My favourite is the one next to mine with the girl and the tea cup and the sock puppet (?) photo - it is really weird but there is something about it that just tickles me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

In progress...

I will, I will, finish this set I started. I swear I will. It will not go the way to the alphabet (after a comment from my darling mum "is that an F"), nor the way of my cat of swirls with its tail problem, nor the intial older pealet creation. I will finish my flutterby designs. BUT, I got to finish a project tomorrow and then should pick another up on Wednesday, AND the car's accumulator died AND the kids have been home for a week again and are well and full of energy. But I will finish my flutterby designs. I am a third of the way and thinking of making it a blue work but not sure. I just need a day.. well a day and a half for I find I can't upload and do the net stuff the same day I finish the drawing - for some reason it really taxes the brain and I have to really struggle to get the set uploaded..ahh the joys of being an artist.
Here's a what the one of the designs looks like. I wish I could make up my mind as to colour or not. This would not be a problem if it was general but I am thinking of making it limited...hmm Oh well I am off to fold clothes and to try and figure out how to get the dog from shedding in the middle of winter. A massive amount of hairballs roam the floor even if I sweep the day before. Can't vacuum as lego pieces might get vacuummed up and that is definitely not worth the results

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A card of note

I saw this card in the MyGrafico community and just had to put it up here even though it has none of my stuff in/on it lol. Isn't it just a fantastic card! The amount of time and effort the designer put into making it is amazing. The card's designer name is Leanne Garner and she has a wonderful blog which can be found here at
When making the card she used something called a SVG cutter or circuit cutter (I think the former is a generate name, but I stand for correction on it) - basically it cuts out shapes and allows you to make percise 3D cards. This is what she says is on the card, "
svg cutfile from Cocoa Studio Love Is In The Air
PinkPaislee Eternal Love Paper
Lindsay's sentiment from Winged Things
grass zooballou cartridge
clouds from A Southerbelles SVG's
fabric for dress, headband,stockings
All I can really say is WOW!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A cat's meow

Hope every one has had a great Christmas and good start to the new year. After almost 3 glorious weeks of computerless bliss, I am feeling fresh and back at the pc. And if luck holds the kids will get the okay from the doc and will be back in play school this week after over a 2 months absence and not get sick for a while. So with a temperature of -15C outside and a little snow drifting down I was working on a set of bottle shaped cats called "a cat's meow". I have done the line art for the set and now just need to colour them, and with luck they will be up sometime this week. But in the meantime here is a preview of one them as a possible printable poster download- something that is being called "wall art". Yes if I still like it tomorrow I might post it too to the store in the painting section.