Sunday, January 30, 2011

A sad clown on a Sunday

Oh I had such grands plans. On Friday or maybe Thursday I checked out what was happening in my art blog world decided "YES! Sunday Sketches and Mr Toast! - I can combine"  As I sat and waited on a class on Friday I did a rough sketched for what I would then do the pencil drawing for SS and then do all the cutting out and do-da's for Toast - I was planning on doing a card with cut work. But alas it has so far gone the way of my recent IF work.  Since today, instead of doing the card, I was dealing with some colouring of digital stamps in between I do not really recall now what I did today -... oh yes it was ironing clothes -. So my contribution to Sunday sketches hosted by our darling Sophia is this sad clown. His lines are drawn in  illustrator which was then coloured with watercolour pencils, and then of course he was cut out as I should really attempt to make a crafty card with him - hence the reason he looks a bit strange.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three little puppies sat by ....

ahh it has been driving me crazy :) There is a story I remember from my childhood - way back in the 70's (arghh the age shows:) ). It was about a puppy/dog he was white with brown spots and had a pink tummy - rolli polli ??? I just remember it was a golden-something publication that also did the Saggy baggy elephant. Ahh the joys of a memory like a sieve :) 
Anyway I am still working on my dogs on and off from last week and here are three little pups that I used in my other blog. Its my entry to Mr. Whimsical Wednesday this week. Pop by and view the other artist :)
Yup it is another photoshop piece. For the background I used some copic brushes which I must have gotten from some kind soul from deviant art ; the rest of the painting is airbrush various opacities- most low, and the lines are acutally from illustrator using a custom brush.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Curious george a whimsical Wednesday on Thursday

ahh been wanting to do a WW for a while, and today what I am working on - puppies - allowed me to join the fun :)
This little fellow is a digital, all done in photoshop. What is he doing... he snuffing a dust ball.. which alas there are too many of in my house.
Join and checkout the other artist at WW.
p.s has blogger change back the image add tool ???

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Sketches and a blog award - yeah!!

I decided today will be blogging day if it kills me or rather those around me lol  Morning cartoons are over so mummy now exists,  and to my kids think mummy and Cinderella are meant to be the same thing, HA!! mummy and troll-dragon are synonymous today ....well at least till I blog :)

For Sunday Sketches which our darling Sophia of Blue Chair Diaries is hosting is the sketch for illustration Friday's Deja-vu.  I hope to  be able to finish it before the IF topic changes but ... there is a lot of shoveling still to do :(

And now to the blog award  (had to do a bloggie double as I still got shoveling to do)

I got a blog ward --yeah!!!! Thanks Catherine of Illustrations and Fimo Characters  and Missy of Melissa Liban Illustrations for the Stylish Blog Award- luv you guys!!
Okay to fulfill terms of this award ( a good copy and paste here)
I need to :
Thank and link back to the person that awarded me.
• Share 7 things about myself.
• Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered bloggers.
• Contact those bloggers about the award!

Okay 7 things about myself 

1. I shaved my head completely about 18 months ago ( don't ask why). It took a hell of a lot longer to grow back! Won't do that again.
2. I love lasagna
3. I am the most terrible speller - I would die without spell checking.  When I was a kid learning to spell I told my mum I did not have to learn to spell because I would have a secretary - I did for a while then got married and moved.
4.When it is hot my allergies act up and I sneeze constantly once I am started.
5.My most desired object at present is a Wacom Cintiq.
6.Miss good cheese cakes.
7.Would go to a dentist any day over a hairdresser.

Now whizzing is award (potentially) all over the world....
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Rose Hill Designs
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