Sunday, May 29, 2011

WIP on a Sunday

 The things that arrive on paper are something a little strange. This started out as a whimsical garden corner design which I doubled, and then the woman emerged and then for some reason it needed some writing below ( it is a prayer of sorts). I actually had not thought to do this as it has so far turned out, and I have no idea how it will turn out in the end other than I need to add some masking fluid to it.  So here is to crossing my fingers that I finish it one day. :)
At the moment this is pencil on watercolour paper.
Hope you all have a great Sunday and pop by Sophia's Sunday Sketches to see some cool art!
p.s To  see  it you may need to click on the pic and then on the magnifying glass.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Woe me on Sunday

Just playing around a bit with watercolours.  Not sure why the focus of the one with the glitter is blurred- camera or me .. :) This was inspired by Kristina's elephant - I really like the skirt; Fancy Nancy - got it a while back for my daughter, and also by the desire to paint but with no idea what to paint :) Maybe that is why the girls expression is a bit woebegone lol
Hope you have a great coming week and make sure to pop on by to Sophia's Sunday Sketches to see some fab art!
p.s pic on the bottom is before the glitter.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

another form of art :)

Be-jeezes. What a month it has been and one more week to go. The last couple of weeks have been rather busy with 2 kids, 2 schools, 2PTA meetings, mother's day concerts, dance concerts, school outing and various other things. I don't know how people with more kids cope. Needless to say I have not really done any painting per-say or really any sketches. My brain is resembling my hair - frizzled! Ahh enough complaining :). This week I went to Riga and got some art supplies i.e some watercolour paper and a couple of 00 and 0 paintbrushes (thank you Marlene for the info); I have a house full of unadorned walls and now I wait for inspiration - yikes!! :) In the meantime I will share with you a you-tube taken of the last weekend's concert in which my darling daughter performed in. She is the smallest girl of the group. Today she has been promoted to darling daughter, for the moment, since she washed up most the ware for me last night :)
A little info on the video - They are wearing a folk costume, there hair is in the traditional style, the music is Latvian folk music. Cheers

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Purple, purple and more purple

A quick  little purple creation for Creative Tuesdays :) Pop on over to Mr Toast's and see how other artist translated this weeks colour theme.

Monday, May 2, 2011

IF : Lesson

 Lesson:  if there is no evidence there can be no blame 
 Felix learned this lesson well once he mastered the art of closing the cage.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sketches - cat sketch

Yesterday I had a eureka moment. A while back a lady asked me to do some Cats in hats to match some dogs I did, and tried to do some cats on a Sunday, but alas they did not come out right :( Then yesterday something happened and it came to me what I was doing wrong. It was the approach, the feel, the something. Cats are different from dogs, dogs are happy, friendly, what you see is what you get, but cats.....  Well cat lovers will argue with me but it worked for me. I began to think of cats as royal, elegant, haughty, mysterious, their own master and wha-laa I was able to do at least 4 sketches with them in hats. 
Today I decided to try my cat luck again and did the sketch for IF's Lesson for Sunday Sketches. So pop on by  Sophia's Sunday Sketches and see some fab art.
p.s you want to know what the lesson is .... ahh you will have to pop on by later for the colour version .... maybe I will be able to make it with lots of purple and enter it  in Mr. Toast's creative Tuesday :)