Monday, October 31, 2011

Sheep - overnighter.

Maa - taken by Gab in summer
Speckles taken by Gab in Summer
Things come in 3 they say. Usually they say that for bad things and not good things. Well yesterday I hope we covered all 3. To start with which might not be related was the clocks went back an hour. For some reason the going back and forth of the time really bothers me. Maybe because I grew up with 12hours day and night all the time, and the result is that winter - summer time takes me about a week to adjust to.  Well I seem not to be the only one effect, our flock of 24 sheep also seemed to have had a mix up with the time yesterday.  Our wool babies roam on about 15 hectares and the usually come home just after dark wagging there tails behind them.  But last night at 6pm there were no sheep at the fence. So I went out to look for them. Let me tell you something about sheep, they do not come when they have been called, they do not answer, they do not move, they stay mum the whole time.  Looking for non-cooperative animals in tall grass with a torch light ... well let just say after an hour I came home, and hubby dear went out to have a search. By 9.30 he too came home with no sheep. On the up side the temp was 10C (warmer than it had been for a while.).  An hour before we noticed the sheep being awol the water pump stopped working!  And he was not able to fix it, thankfully we have a "Jack and Jill type" well so I was able to get water even though the well bucket has a whole lol.
Well today is Monday and so far it has been much better. I found the *@$* sheep this morning (and in the area they are meant to be) and hubby seems to have fixed the pump, I can't do or say  much about the time except that we all woke up early and everyone got to school on time . So I guess "tomorrow will always be a brighter day" - even though it is really overcast today- is true and I did not have to think of "every cloud has a silver lining"  :) In the meanwhile I need to get the little bow-peep nursery rhymne out of my head :)
Hope you have a great day ♥

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birdie sketches on a Sunday

3 little ATC bird sketches for Sunday Sketches.  
Hope  you are having a super Sunday. Pop by Sophia's Sunday Sketches to see what others are up to today. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creative Tuesday's "Autumn" fae

The leaves have changed all around us now, all golden, with hints of red and some dark green, and the sky the most gorgeous shade of blue with what looks like purple, pink and grey mixed in the day. It is also the time for Autumn's magical creatures and here's one for Creative Tuesday.
So pop on by Creative Tuesday  and  by Mr. Toast's and find what  the other CTers interpreted the Autumn theme.

Friday, October 21, 2011

ATC Challenges at Wicked Wednesdays!

 "I'm really not scary. Just misunderstood."
was Frank's reply in a recent interview.

Frank is my entry of Wicked Wednesday ATC challenge this week. The theme is Halloween.
I think Frank came out a bit more sickly than I planned :)
Coloured pencil on bristol board with black pen.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little of this and that on a Sunday.

Happy Sunday all. It a bright brisk Autumn morn about 5C, the sheep are out and the ewes seem to be butting each other..hmmm  Anyway thinking of warmer times i.e Summer. This summer I had the opportunity to work on some illustrations with my childhood friend, Sue. It a story about the steel pan seen through a little girl and told in verse. At the back of the book there are some historial info and facts on the steel pan.  How Sue and I worked together - she drew beautiful sketches, line art and paintings,  and I then put it all in the the computer, created linart from the sketches, , combined various elements, altered and painted using photoshop.
It was an interesting project as our styles are quite different, but in the end I think it turned out well.

This street scene is from the history section  and is one of my favourites. As the illustration depicts a scene that is "old" the characters in the procession were all played by men.
The book is now out and available from book depository and amazon com

My entry to Sunday Sketches this week is a little felted robin I did this morning. I only mange to draw blood once :) an improvement.  Hope all have great Sunday and may you sheep stay on the right side of the fence and your kids wear wooly hat:)  Pop on by Sophia's Sunday Sketches and check out what everyone is up to. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ATC Challenges at Wicked Wednesdays!

A new little blog has started up with some fun themed ATC challenges. The blog is called Wicked Wednesday and this week's theme is It's All About You! So come and check it out!
This is my ATC entry for the challenge. I guess my truth to the theme is that is  a lie. I am truly a sexy blond with huge eyes, a saucy attitude with the fragrance of channel, and  not a greying brunet, who has on sweats (clean ones) and with oud de barn wafting around :)
Off to take a bath :)
I updated the pic today as I was not happy with it. On the mini easel is the final jazzed up version.  I added some glitter, to the lips 3d effect, and white gel pen. I also used my art knife to help correct some line errors and added more colour.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cupcake on the go on a Creative Tuesday.

 This week's Creative Tuesday Theme is Cupcake, and the image I have seen before of a cupcake with a mouse peeking out kept coming to mind, it is such a cute image. So I sat and thought and thought and on my way to drop daughter dear to dancing it came to me - the before shot , before the mouse poses happily with the cake... i.e the get away.
This little ACEO is done on paper (no idea what type other than acid free and pricey) with colour pencil, black ink pen, and of course white gel pen ( just because I have it - it was rather superfluous here LOL).
So pop on by Creative Tuesday  and  by Mr. Toast's and find out how the other CTers interpreted the cupcake theme :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

a little sunflower on Sunday

Oh my blogger is not being friendly tonight. This is a little ATC  was inspired by having to create something with the kids for teacher's day. It is watercolour pencil/water and gold pen. So hoping you all had a great Sunday and pop by And pop by Sophia's Sunday Sketches to see what the other artists' have done this week :)
p.s I am so pooped, so if my above makes no sense ... ah well.. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

ACT vs ACEO thoughts

Here's a little fella I have created for an ATC swap. He was created a whopping 9 times! Yeah don't ask it was a bit much for me and rather a challenge as the ATC swap is rather crafty- give me paper, and paint and a little glitter - super: give me some ribbon and stuff - yikes it takes a day to do the thing :)

On the ATC front I think I will open and esty store with them and brave the highs and lows of shoppers and the post office. However, I have been wondering what to call my stuff. I figure if I draw it all on paper with my pencil then paint etc it would be and ACEO , but what happens when I use line art  created on the  computer (and I sell this line art as art stamps) then print the line art  and colour it by hand?  While it might be a one of a kind, it sort of isn't. Can it still be called ACEO or does it just become ATC, as it is not really a print either. Any thought on this would be great because it would effect the price of the thing. Another point to ponder in this is the fact that I sell the line art stamps( digital stamps), so others too can create something with the same line art.