Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A day at the doc

Well it wasn't a real day, it just felt like it. I arrived just in time for my appointment and had a lovely 2 hour wait till my turn to get a spot checked out. While I was sitting in the cancer polyclinic my eye filled as I spotted the most good natured looking 4 year old with his dad waiting for their turn to see a doc. I hope I jumped to the wrong conclusion as the kid is a kid and bad things like cancer should not happen to kids.
Anyway a day or so ago a request for some angle kids clipart came up and I decided to take my sketchbook and try to sketch while there, and the little boy's hair style was so cute it featured in my sketch, Actually I feel rather skittish about drawing children as angels..sort of silly I know.
Yeah the left wing is kind of not right :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Not too sweet

Don't you just hate when you sort of know about something and then there is a problem and because you don't know ALL about it, you can't figure out the problem and if you think what you think is the problem in order to correct it, it means a whole lot of blasted work!
This a little cupcake image I did this weekend and then applied an embroidery filter. It came out fine, BUT when I apply it to other images I get parts where there is no embroidery. My thought is that is that the filter program is not acknowledging the crossing of the lines in those images and I am having a coreldraw vs illustrator conflict. Cool I can live with that, but what makes me want to bang my head is that I do not know if it would truly effect the end result in an automatic digitzing program. Below is the little set where bears the cupcake.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Yahoo group

This little Halloween frog is our September Yahoo group freebie.
Please note this group is geared more the embroidery digitizers, however all are welcome to join. If you are a stamper and do not wish to get embroidery ads adjust your yahoo mail accordingly - read the file about mail settings.
Please follow the terms of use.