Friday, April 10, 2009

using the digi stamp summer doodle

Had a hard week creating this week and the week before - I think in part it is largely due to taking cold medicine which for some reason is not helping my very stuffed up nose but making me total fully ennui. After not taking the stuff of a day and completely stuffed up and snotty I tried to do something artwise - the result was a little doodle - summer doodle. Anyway it was not a complete waste of time as I had been and still think of doing a card with sunflowers in the same style. However today I was playing with a painting program and used the line art set as a digital stamp (basically that means I used the outlines as one would a in a colouring book and coloured them in). The result is this card which I had thought of as a mother's day card for me - my kids are at present harassing me like bees do a flower heheFree Smiley Courtesy of

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