Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a girl of summer

It has been a rather hectic week with autumn on us and trying to get the last minute garden things done like replanting trees and sowing grass . This has interrupted the little angry spider and co sketches which is good in a way as I was getting into an artistic tizzy with it. Yesterday the Master was busy doing some "real work", so I got some time at the pc and I went through my "to do" sketch book ( a big purple binder with various pieces of paper two holed punched to keep them in one place) and came across 3 summer girls I drew around Ligo ( mid summer). So,I did up the line art for some digital stamps and completed one and a bit in full colour for the digitizers, but alas have not as yet put them up on the site, but it is only Tuesday today so if luck hold out I will finish the girl I am working on and the last one today and will have them up in a day or so. Yes this girl is one of the 3. She is our favourite :) My conscience is being plagued by cards... I need to do some for the site. But before that the kids need to create masterpieces of art using vegetables..urggg!!

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