Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School bag freebie

I should be doing the book but felt like inking out this little doodle I did when I did the wacky back to school pens. I was going to put something in the bag's pockets but my daughter (ever the expert at 5) said "no" :) So here is a little girlie school bag freebie clipart and line art (digital stamp) it comes in JPG, BMP and PNG, to download click here. Please follow the terms of use.


scrappingdragon said...

hi love following your blog

Thanks for all the insperation

just wanted to let you know the files are corrupt and wont open :-)

Clip Art and Scrap said...

Hi :)
I just downloaded it with no problem.
The zip file size should be downloaded as 836kb. If it downloads as less you will get a corrupt zip file message appearing :(
The reason it may download as less is usually because the download has been interrupted. Why the interruption I don't know it tends to be because of a server somewhere between your pc and the site. This is very frustrating, I know.
I also just saw your location and unfortunately this tends to happen with me with folks from SA - I have no idea why :(

Heather said...

cute backpacks. yes, don't you love the opionated 5 year olds...I have one, too!!! can't believe it's back to school time....xo

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

These babies are sooooooo adorable and cute!! Thanks so much for stopping by WAWE.