Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drawing lab.

FinALLY it has arrived. It was super long in getting here as it had to by pass obstacles such as the local post office being closed, mail being direct to us through another town, snowstorms, blizzards,  and snow blocked road. Yesterday,  I dejectedly walked out to the mailbox, after the bulldozer finally managed to clear the gap to our area, and peeped in I was thrilled to see a flat square parcel from the Book Depository :) Upon opening the parcel it was confirmed - Drawing Lab by Carla Sunheim has arrived :) 
It looks like rather a good book. I  read the intro (nice and short) and skipped through it and it seemes interesting. Nutty at Facets and Fractals is hosting a drawing lab challenge, if you got the book check it out.
p.s  yup my desk is a mess :( Sometimes I am amazed at what sketches I find  and presents from the kids :)


Catherine said...

hi Jeanne, is this book worth buying?... it looks interesting..

Jehanne said...

Hi Catherine,
in general i will say yes.
this is a great idea of a blog post I will write it up today and post with all my "expert" opinions lol

Catherine said...

Thanks Jehanne

Holly said...

Have you ever been to Artfest or Journalfest in Washington? I went to Journalfest and took two of Carla Sonhiem's classes. She was FABULOUS! I immediately ran out and bought her book.

Have you used it much?