Monday, October 31, 2011

Sheep - overnighter.

Maa - taken by Gab in summer
Speckles taken by Gab in Summer
Things come in 3 they say. Usually they say that for bad things and not good things. Well yesterday I hope we covered all 3. To start with which might not be related was the clocks went back an hour. For some reason the going back and forth of the time really bothers me. Maybe because I grew up with 12hours day and night all the time, and the result is that winter - summer time takes me about a week to adjust to.  Well I seem not to be the only one effect, our flock of 24 sheep also seemed to have had a mix up with the time yesterday.  Our wool babies roam on about 15 hectares and the usually come home just after dark wagging there tails behind them.  But last night at 6pm there were no sheep at the fence. So I went out to look for them. Let me tell you something about sheep, they do not come when they have been called, they do not answer, they do not move, they stay mum the whole time.  Looking for non-cooperative animals in tall grass with a torch light ... well let just say after an hour I came home, and hubby dear went out to have a search. By 9.30 he too came home with no sheep. On the up side the temp was 10C (warmer than it had been for a while.).  An hour before we noticed the sheep being awol the water pump stopped working!  And he was not able to fix it, thankfully we have a "Jack and Jill type" well so I was able to get water even though the well bucket has a whole lol.
Well today is Monday and so far it has been much better. I found the *@$* sheep this morning (and in the area they are meant to be) and hubby seems to have fixed the pump, I can't do or say  much about the time except that we all woke up early and everyone got to school on time . So I guess "tomorrow will always be a brighter day" - even though it is really overcast today- is true and I did not have to think of "every cloud has a silver lining"  :) In the meanwhile I need to get the little bow-peep nursery rhymne out of my head :)
Hope you have a great day ♥

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Catherine... said...

Hi Jehanne,
So glad that the naughty sheep came home and water pump is fixed... the water pipe at my farmhouse broke this being fixed today..waterboard problem as it's the pipe before the meter on their side... my car battery died this morning... now fixed thanks to Mr Hollywood... waiting for no 3.... :) Happy Halloween...