Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15 WIP tweet!

I would not blame you if you thought the WIP (work in progress) was cleaning my desk ( the tissue is not used! - it  holds the camera straight, and that is not a code for anything - if your eyes are that good :) - Yup I noticed all this after I took the photo.
Not an overly bad day today. The sheep did not wonder overly much where they should not be (I don't think they have reached our neighbours garden as yet),  I altered a little program and it still computed in the end (yeah) and I started to make this bird. Well that is the upside. On the down side we have to wait 2 days to a week before transport is available to move the hay to our house and I spent the morning trying to sort out some thoughts/sketches into a composit sketch for a client which I am really not happy with as I do not think it was working. I was going not to send it to the client and ex the job, but hubby said send it anyway. I am not sure if I should hope that they like it or that they don't :) Ahh life.


Heather said...

i like the birds eye view into your office space!! cute bird, i bet the client piece is wonderful - we are always harder on ourselves!
have a great night!

Jehanne's doodles said...

Thanks Heather :) I was told to continue. I guess if I work on it more it will get to where I want it. At least the direction is right :)