Thursday, March 1, 2012

a head banding morning!


From about 4.30am I have been trying to get my darling printer to print what was shown on the screen. After umpteen sheets of expensive epson archival matte paper, I decided to try to ignore using photoshop setting and work with the printer settings since my printer is obviously not professional enough to work through Adobe:(  Well the end the result was not like the original but workable, I think. 
I had planned to do an original art card but alas  I did  the illustration on the wrong side of the paper and the result was it was folding backward.  Ahh it seems to be one of the days LOL.


Catherine... said...

Hi Jehanne, my letter to you is in the post...finally.. sorry your having printer trouble....but let me tell you its nothing compared to dealing with a snooty old bag of tax lady on the phone...grrr. Sorry had one of those conversations where you want to stick your arm down the phone and ring the other persons neck... Hope you printer is being better behaved... love the little girl :)

Crystal said...

OmG, I have had those days too especially with the printer! The best thing to do at that time is to walk away... Your paintings is gorgeous no matter! :-)

Tina said...

jehanne she is beautiful...just lovely


Missy said...

Ha, oh dear! This is so adorable and sweet! Love it!

Hannah Sommerville said...

Regardless of your troubles, this is so sweet. I love the subtle colours.

Elaine said...

Jehanne , she is adorable I love your style Hugs elaine