Friday, January 25, 2013

PB Dummy Challege

I have not for years set a goal but this year I have decided to try and do one complete picture dummy book. So I have applied to join the unoffical PB Dummy Challenge - I am crossing my fingers I am not too late in the game to play.  Either way I will follow the guides and do a book of my own -yeah !  So the first thing to do is to pick a project. Hmm that is hard I am between Peep and turt and my  little ghoul boy. I think I might be leaning towards Peep and turt as they might be easier to deal with..hmmm...
ghoul boy

peep and turt

Till next time :)


Catherine Constance said...

Oh yes, go for it. Sounds interesting..

June said...

Go for it and good luck!