Friday, March 13, 2009


Since discovering that it cost the same to get a book from amazon US vs that of a local bookshop here which has an extremly limited supply, I have been a good source of income to amazon over the last year. It has been a source of irk that while I spend more than needed for free delivery I never qualify because I am not based in that country. I have a similar problem with amazon uk who is nearer. However I buy from the US over the jump hope and a skip UK because the shipping from our neighbour is more than the cost of the books, while from the US it is a reasonable 50% of the price. However I have been recently directed to a new shop (for me) which now ships internationally (well to my home is international enough) for FREE. So of you are not US based and wish some english language books check out
I have done my first order with them and if they work out I will no longer be an amazon customer:) for I can't figure how come amazon can't give anything for free to us international buyers.

Update - 17 March
Hooray! the books arrived within a week.I'm definitely a customer now :)

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