Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beautiful Proteas from clipart to embroidery

I started last month putting up some of my work at - mainly digital stamps but I decided if a clipart request caught my eye I would attempt to do it. Well I saw one asking for Prtoea designs. At first I looked and clicked away. Protea what is that ? What type of flower. After putting around for a couple of hours I went back and looked, no other artist had answered so I googled the flower and thought wow this is different. To cut a long story short I did a mini clipart set of 5 protea clipart. The lady who made a general restquest name is Karen and she liked the set and digitsed it and Boy did she do a fantastic job. Here are some pics of Karen's stitched out of two of the clipart that she digitised.

Karen's digitised set with some extremely cool suggestiong can be found here
The clipart can be gotten via here.

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