Monday, July 6, 2009

Just a note

Ahh what a weekend. On Friday I added a "down-time" module to the site with no problem - phew. Then on Saturday I printed out upteem pages, closed the site and then started to work on "the module". This module is a reward points scheme which is rather good, expect that after installing it, it was not working good in my shop and had some rather serious hick-up eg if you your balance was $0 after you used your points you could not use paypal then and could not hence get your file. I later read another file and and he said he had a fix. The fix did not work as it created a loop so you never left check out. So the module was exed and I put back my files - in much less time there, BUT .... of course something had to go wrong. And come Sunday night 9pm I got a reply from the shop creator's forum as to the possible problem - it was possible that I re-upload the wrong file in the wrong area. I checked and the dear was right. So by the time I hit the bed last night I had a much less serious headache than the hour before and I say to the guys who offered the help and the one with the solution ... a big


micki said...

LOL, site problems seem to be the 'thing'. I'm knocking on wood that I haven't had any problems lately because I know how frustrating those can be. :-)

Clip Art and Scrap said...

ahh even more frustrating is that I can't seem to find someone to add this module for me, even for money :(