Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bookmark compo

A couple of weeks of ago, my favourite internet bookshop announced that they were having a bookmark competition. Now being one who likes to doodle and likes to read (when the kids (and husband(and dogs)) allow), I could not resist the chance to get some free books - the prize is a 100 euro worth of books. After sitting down and doing my entry - see the birdies on the left, I read the rules - yes a bit backwards I know. Initially I thought the guys there will judged them but after reading the info it seems that maybe the lucky 10 winners will be drawn at random, so I guess my chances of getting some free books either way is still about 1 in a million. So anyway wish my entry luck miracles do happen"D
yup had to put the yucky copyright symbol. It sort of messes up the pic a bit though:/

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