Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little Pinny

Here's a preview of a set I am working on at the moment. She is called Pinny. Yes how original I know ... not "D
Any where here is her story. She came to life when a client asked me to create something that was fanstasy and well as sewing oriented. At the time dear little Pinny did not get further than my sketch book, but two days ago I was flipping through it as she popped out and said, " Now you 've got the right brushes - downloaded some rather cool pencil type illustrator brushes - and now you have to bring me to life. So here she is. She is to be one of 8 images. Not sure about the colours of her at the moment (or the wings) - I think I need to watch myself as I seem to be happily drifting back into the dark somber tones and mid-night blue skies in the day :)
If all goes well, barring sickness , crashing computers, and falling skies, she should make an appearance in the store next week sometime.

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