Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bookmark compo

A couple of weeks of ago, my favourite internet bookshop announced that they were having a bookmark competition. Now being one who likes to doodle and likes to read (when the kids (and husband(and dogs)) allow), I could not resist the chance to get some free books - the prize is a 100 euro worth of books. After sitting down and doing my entry - see the birdies on the left, I read the rules - yes a bit backwards I know. Initially I thought the guys there will judged them but after reading the info it seems that maybe the lucky 10 winners will be drawn at random, so I guess my chances of getting some free books either way is still about 1 in a million. So anyway wish my entry luck miracles do happen"D
yup had to put the yucky copyright symbol. It sort of messes up the pic a bit though:/

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dancers sketch

At the moment I am working on these dancers for next week. I am not sure if they will be vector or not at the moment though :\

This is a thumb of one the finished line art and colour versions. I decided to colour them via photoshop so they were not vector in the end.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little Pinny

Here's a preview of a set I am working on at the moment. She is called Pinny. Yes how original I know ... not "D
Any where here is her story. She came to life when a client asked me to create something that was fanstasy and well as sewing oriented. At the time dear little Pinny did not get further than my sketch book, but two days ago I was flipping through it as she popped out and said, " Now you 've got the right brushes - downloaded some rather cool pencil type illustrator brushes - and now you have to bring me to life. So here she is. She is to be one of 8 images. Not sure about the colours of her at the moment (or the wings) - I think I need to watch myself as I seem to be happily drifting back into the dark somber tones and mid-night blue skies in the day :)
If all goes well, barring sickness , crashing computers, and falling skies, she should make an appearance in the store next week sometime.

New collab stamp set

A new collab stamp set is now up at Mygrafico (MG) , it features a number of cool and some wacky digital stamps aka line art. So if you got a moment pop on by and have peek. The total set has 18 stamps ( I think) at an amazing price.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sketch of November's freebie

2010 will be the year of the tiger. A tiger is truly awe inspiring. In honour of his coming year I have dedicated this month's yahoo group freebee for him. Here is the sketch I just did which I will hopefully (all members of the house are coughing and ill ( well minus me) and no fevers so no swine) complete today in line art /digital stamp and full colour format.

Decided I did not like the bear's arm sticking up lol

... as the day ends

Here are the finished versions which can be found in the group. The background of the colour version is not included.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Yes there is a blue moon tonight, and we are having a sale at When will the next be, not for a while so if you wish to snatch something up at a super good price click on by the store this week. Click here to get to the store