Saturday, February 13, 2010

Birthday cards ... digital

I was told that I my digital stamps need examples and not just to colour them :(..."Oh dear I thought", for as I might be able to draw a bit crafting is really not my forte :(, but after a fellow artist showed my that she was trying her hand at the crafting I decided okay I could at least try, and of course since I have no crafting supplies required to make cards and the like I decided to pull out the old Photoshop with some rather cool atomic actions I purchased a while back and give it another go. These are the results: The boy card is made using the little boy stamp
which I then coloured and shades in Photohsop using the burn and dodge tools to get the copic colouring effect. I am quite pleased with this as I think I have finally figured out the colouring technique I wish to use in the Anancy book illustration, which I am about to pick back up. The dots and arrows I used the atomic cupcake action felt tool, and around the sentiment card I used their ink edge action, and little chain - a tin action (but this one did not really come out) lol.
On the little girl card I use the little girl stamp and coloured it the same way as the boy. I then used some paper from the free digital paper (I used the pink and the green - to get the green rim), then I used an atmoic cupcake flower template, and then used various brushes and textures I created in photoshop.
I rather like both cards, and once I get some coloured printer ink and maybe some card I can print them out as see how they actually print. While the boy card will be a straight print the girl card will require a bit of delicate cutting at the top by the green "cord".

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