Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lego and the imagination

We were all children once, but I never realised the role imagination played in child's life until I watched my son play with his lego blocks. Why this is not special. I know, but you see my son did not speak when he was 2 nor 3 and began to speak a bit when he was 4. He would sit for hours and build with mega block, build systematically, obsessively and more advance for his age, that I feared for him. The he turned 5 and started to show an interest in communicating. Now he is 6 turning 7 and still is obsessive about building and lego blocks, his creation and abilities are still advanced (in my motherly opinion), but now he talks, his creations have voices, situations and events happen, he comes and reports and chats about what is happening in his imagination with the Power Miners or the Lego City character. He goes on the net to the lego site, plays games, watches trailers (using stop animation with the toys), looks at what other kids have made, see the creators (adults) play with their lego, and of course looks at the products in their shop and tells me what he wants next. I guess what I am trying to say is that while Wii and other software games are good and cool ( he had lots of soft ware programs to play with most educational but fun), they cannot and should not replace the "old fashion" toy where a kids spends time by himself or with others role playing. On the site my son showed me this video as it is one of his favourites and I just had to share it will you.
I hope it bring a warm fuzzy feeling inside as it did me.


June said...

There's a Legoland in Windsor, UK, about 1 hour away from Reading.

Clip Art and Scrap said...

That definitely means we got to come a visit!!! and get a multi-visitpass :)