Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nature's Child 1

Nature's Child the first in a series of whimsical fairy creatures. To be rather honest they are rather popular with a number of artist at present and this is my version. I guess about 18months ago or more I saw something in this line and it reminded of some Danish seasonal plates an exchange student gave an aunt way back in the 1980's. When googling I was not able to find them, but if my faulty memory serves my right I think they must have been Danish Bjorn plates for the style looks similar to what I have found on the net.

The digital stamp/ line art for this first one can be found in my mygrafico shop :)



Katherine said...

Your image fairy is adorable and beautiful.

I made a CARD using your Tiger Cub Cuddles...THANK YOU SO MUCH. Hope you like it.

Clip Art and Scrap said...

Thanks :)

Xovika said...

Cute hairstyle!