Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A commission gone wrong :( or :)

Every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes it's hard to see, other times it's not. Early this year I did some work for a new client who half-way through the project disappeared. On the one hand I am not happy that the person just up and left me in the lurk with no payment, but on the other hand it was a relief as this client was very difficult to please. So after more than 2 months of unanswered emails and no payments, (here's the silver lining) I pulled up my art and began to change them to suit me. The result is that while I am out of pocket in a way, I am now very happy with the end line art :D . This digital stamp will be out later this week in mygrafico.


the enigma said...

the exact same thing happened to me recently. only i haven't found any silver lining yet from that experience... but, good for you though. your art is wonderful.:)

Heather said...

hi thanks for your visit & follow! I like your site, too. sorry to hear about your unfortunate case of events with your client...but that is ONE CUTE line drawing!
Have a great day, Heather