Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pretty alpha flower - in progress

I will complete this, this week even if it kills me!
It should not be that bad as I think I sorted out or rather created new illustrator brushes and am getting the lines the right size. What happened was when I started this eons ago I began it too small, so I scaled it up and then my brushes would not fit :( and of course the process which finally results in the creation of new brushes has to take it course - sort of like when you get a corrupted file you were working on. Somewhere in your head you know you will have to redo the whole thing but you refuse to face that fact only after farting around with the pc for about 4 hours. I was also trying to do with a minimum amoumt of little dotted lines, but the results were not pleasing so I apologise to all digitisers up front about my dots and french knots - possible a spaced out straight stitch might work? Well off to sort the lines out of the letters I have finished. This when completed will also contain the common letters - which are also half way done.

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