Friday, June 25, 2010


When I think paisley I think paramecium or some such thing... some organism from my microbiology classes, it is at the periphery of my mind and just out of reach..urggg. Last week's Illustration Friday was "paisley" and I was not going to do it and I didn't, but I have wanted to do some paisley designs for a while and so one night around midnight just before I closed my eyes I doodled these (they are real rough). I plan to turn these into some embroidery clipart but I am not total sure if just line or or full colour or coloured line art, or if I should leave them single or make things with them. The main problem I am having on that score is - what on earth does one do with a paisley design when it is not in cloth pattern or maybe an earring :? Ahh well off to ink out another Anansi page- I'm at page 8 only.

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