Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A little woodland fairy - basic

Monday in the real world was a grey cold pre-spring day, with my hubby, visiting dad and daughter all down with a stomach bug, but in fairy land it was a lovely  day :) Actually I don't know what it is but fairies, both the fair and their evil counter parts, always interested me.   I've got two rather cool how to draw fairies book the other day which I will take  a pic of one day and blog. 
This pic which I started on Sunday is done in watercolour pencils and turpentine. The reason why I used turpentine and not water is rather simple. The line art is created in Illustrator which I then print on paper. Initially when I printed the line art out I would heat seal it with my iron ( yes the one I should be using with the laundry) and then I would colour with the watercolour pencils and water, and it worked great. BUT my printer ink ran out and I got it refilled, and then for some reason the new ink would not heat seal and whenever I tried to "paint" the black ink ran. I asked around and I was told to try turpentine instead of water.  I did, and the black in did not run. I also found that when I used turpentine the end colour was more vivid and I could use regular drawing paper. The cons were that the colour did not seem to spread as much as with water, and it was resistant to spreading on the watercolour paper I have on hand. So that is why I use turpentine instead of water - to stop the printer ink from running. I have also been told that when I use turpentine I do not have to stick to watercolour pencils but can also use regular colour pencils. I have not tired this as yet though.

Hope you have a bright day.


Heather said...

I am so enjoying this series of little fairies...they are so happy and bright, I smile when ever they pop up on my screen...they would be ADORABLE as cards. Thanks for the turpentine info, who knew! have a great day!

Missy said...

so sweet, lovin the colors!

Juan said...


Anonymous said...

Awww she's cute. I love that little leaf blanketing the mushroom.

Nice snail too. :)