Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tux Paint - paint program for kids.

I got a faster pc last week and have and am spending all my time moving my files programs etc from the old pc to the "new" one. The old pc will become the kids. Since I spend most my time doing some form of drawing at the pc they too wish to draw but I have found that for a 5-6 year old and a 8yr old (turned this week :)  ) photoshop is too complicated  and paint is too basic and boaring. So I searched the net and found Tux Paint. It is realatively easy to use and if you download the stamp version there are tons of things for the kid to do. The program is a GNU program ( free and done for hte public - bless their hearts) and can be found here
It should also be noted that there is sound to this program - basic noises as well as educational ones such as when you stamp a particular bird it states what type of bird eg lark.

The pic is not mine but one I found on the net but is a very good image.


Lindsay Weirich said...

that is great Jehanne! I just downloaded it for my kids to try:)

Jehanne said...

hi Lindsay, my kids love it!! Even my 8 yr old.