Saturday, April 27, 2013

on my desk top

Morning, I am still suffering from the afterglow of reading my ArtRage 4 manual- sigh*** Below is what my present Wacom screen looks like just before 7am on a wet cold dreary morning.
 This is a WIP  page for a story I am working on.  What I wanted to share was the little custom colour picker which I discovered yesterday (yes by reading the manual). The custom color picker is the 1/4 circle in the lower left corner, with the painted bird in it.  I was quite concerned how I would paint the bird 30+ times throughout the story other than use the reference postcard (upper right with the pin). Then I read about how  I could sample my colours from another image. Yes that is nothing new, photoshop and illustrator etc can do it. So I got my original mock up and took the colour sample "shot" and I was expecting to see little squares which I would have to muddle my way through, but low and behold  when I opened the customer color picker I saw my bird and I just more my cursor on it and I get the color I need- WOW!! I am so thrilled about this! Yes Geeky I know.
I should state for the record this is not a new feature and is available in the lower version, whose manual I did not read.
p.s - if any of you are wondering about the bird in the picture - she is in a cage, but as I am focusing on just painting her at the moment  I have made the cage's line art invisible, hence she floats in mid air :)
p.p.s I am using digital watercolour here.


Pavinee s said...

This is interesting. I use Photoshop and Illustrator all the time but not really in a professional level. I'm sure both programs have something about this color feature. I just don't know where it is LOL.

It seems you have a lot of fun. This screen shot looks beautiful already :)

Jehanne's doodles said...

Thanks Pavinee s :)
Yes you can sample colours from both photoshop and illustrator. In the version I have CS4 they come out as little squares as in the " sample", but I do not get the little picture in the pie slice to choose the colours from. Granted that maybe a feature in the new versions :D

I actually only got this program for its watercolour ability for I was not having success with photoshop and Painter kept crashing on me.