Monday, October 28, 2013

A really good course by Will Terry- How to Design a Drawing

As some you may know I illustrate a bit, and many times I look at my work and something is off to me. I would add a bit more colour, more detail which would distract from that off thing, but it is there. Over the last couple of months I have been follow some webcast and blogs with illustrators and I came across a number of illustrators who offer courses, and this guy Will Terry some how gelled with my psyche.  On Thursday I came down with a cold and by Friday I was unable to concentrate to draw. So I was bumping around Will's blog watching some of videos, and on the side bar discovered he offers a number of "pay for" video classes. Now, this guy when he does his "free" videos he gives tons and I mean tons of good information, and the "pay for" video class is not cheap but is not expensive either.  So in the mist of tissues and snot I went and clicked on one of his photoshop painting and started the video. In the first class he says something that really hit home- it went something like this - if when you have done your illustration and something is not right it is most probably because something is off  with the design on the illustration and not the painting. If that is the problem you really need to do my course How to design a drawing. He hit a cord with me and he explained some more, I said what the heck do I have to lose besides some money, if he is telling the truth I will get some help. So a couple dollars poorer and with a new box of tissues I sat down and started to watch How to Design a Drawing.  What can I say other than it was fantastic. It was not a thrill a minute, it was rather grueling  and a lot of info to take in, but it was wonderful in what he taught me and what I learned.  I am mostly self-taught and while I have tons of art books which do cover basics it is very different to have someone sit there and explain things in person in "live time". In this video he talked about drawing rules and drawing elements (lines, space, value, colour, texture). I learnt a hell of a lot. Did it help me? Yes it did. I went back to the drawing board so to speak and started to redo the background on book I am presently illustration (thank God they are just simple silhouetted shape backgrounds) and with Horrible H's critical eye I was able to understand and correct the errors of the page.  So if find you are drawing and something is more times than not feeling off, I would definitely recommend you try Will Terry's How to Design a Drawing .  Have I finished the class I originally bought - not yet for I might get his one children's book first :)
Hope you have a great day.


Catherine Constance said...

Hi Jehanne,
Hope your feeling better. Thanks for the info am headed to the site now... :) xx

Gay McKinnon said...

hi Jehanne, thanks for coming by and for this post!! I often find that I've painted something only to realise that the drawing and design was wrong to begin with. If I paint it three times and it still doesn't work, it's a dead giveaway! So I am glad you posted this and am going to check it out. thanks for the tip.