Sunday, October 27, 2013

A search party

a quick sketch
Pre-PiBoidMo  day 2 with Marcie Colleen where she gives 5 useful tips  Of the 5 tips, two I know I have to do 1. clean the clutter. It is really bad. I honestly can not find anything on my desk or in my study. It is not even organised clutter at the moment. The second (tip 3) "schedule some search parties". This will be super and I AM going to do this with the kids starting from today ( if it is not raining). We will take our cameras and head out. I will ignore the stress that wants to gather in my shoulders, I will unclench my jaws as I envision the sibling interaction of the kids as we walk through the bucolic country side :)
Selfie time is way over :)

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