Sunday, January 3, 2010

A cat's meow

Hope every one has had a great Christmas and good start to the new year. After almost 3 glorious weeks of computerless bliss, I am feeling fresh and back at the pc. And if luck holds the kids will get the okay from the doc and will be back in play school this week after over a 2 months absence and not get sick for a while. So with a temperature of -15C outside and a little snow drifting down I was working on a set of bottle shaped cats called "a cat's meow". I have done the line art for the set and now just need to colour them, and with luck they will be up sometime this week. But in the meantime here is a preview of one them as a possible printable poster download- something that is being called "wall art". Yes if I still like it tomorrow I might post it too to the store in the painting section.

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