Monday, January 18, 2010

In progress...

I will, I will, finish this set I started. I swear I will. It will not go the way to the alphabet (after a comment from my darling mum "is that an F"), nor the way of my cat of swirls with its tail problem, nor the intial older pealet creation. I will finish my flutterby designs. BUT, I got to finish a project tomorrow and then should pick another up on Wednesday, AND the car's accumulator died AND the kids have been home for a week again and are well and full of energy. But I will finish my flutterby designs. I am a third of the way and thinking of making it a blue work but not sure. I just need a day.. well a day and a half for I find I can't upload and do the net stuff the same day I finish the drawing - for some reason it really taxes the brain and I have to really struggle to get the set uploaded..ahh the joys of being an artist.
Here's a what the one of the designs looks like. I wish I could make up my mind as to colour or not. This would not be a problem if it was general but I am thinking of making it limited...hmm Oh well I am off to fold clothes and to try and figure out how to get the dog from shedding in the middle of winter. A massive amount of hairballs roam the floor even if I sweep the day before. Can't vacuum as lego pieces might get vacuummed up and that is definitely not worth the results

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