Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miracles do happen... well some small ones

I was going to write today about sock monkeys and mermaids which I sketched this week, but I got an email this afternoon from my favourite internet bookshop - the Book Depository- telling me - taa-dumm- I had won in their book mark composition!!! Well I was one of the to be 10 winner which is now 20, but my little book mark illustration of with three birds will be printed in thousands, well at least hundred, and will grace the bedside tables, floors and garbage cans of thousands of folks :D
If you go here you can see not only my book mark but the other winners as well. Some of them of are really good. My favourite is the one next to mine with the girl and the tea cup and the sock puppet (?) photo - it is really weird but there is something about it that just tickles me.


CG said...

congrats! I can't see the website for some reason, maybe because of where I live or something but I like the bookmark!

Clip Art and Scrap said...

Thanks Craig. Not sure why you can't see it. I know when I was at friends in Bim and using their MAC I had problems with firefox images or was it explorer... I don't remember now.

Melissa 'meljen' Jenkins said...

Oh I LOVE your bookmark design! It is so cute--it sort of reminds me of the stork in Disney's Dumbo. You are such a talented artist. :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog too by the way, it's nice to see a familiar face. :-) Have a lovely week! -Melissa