Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little whimsy for Wednesdays

Okay it is not as whimiscal as my daughter's bird  - for a 5 year old she is wonderful with colours :)   I am attempting to make an "emo" little girl - like the ones I draw. All I can say is that this is attempt number one. While doing this I discovered  1. have no idea how to really add the hair - I did the front and then had bald spots in the back :)-2. there is a reason why a number of these things are low to the ground or sitting, and 3. shapes and proportions are important. So my learning experiment is for whimsical Wednesdays , come on by enter your whimsy and see the other artists'.
p.s. yes they are lego blocks supporting her.
p.p.s no my son has not discovered them missing as yet :)
ppps material used is white modeling clay with acrylic colour added to give it colour.  


Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness yes whimsical and simply just an adorable little girl and who doesn't find legos enchanting...I just went to Lego Land at the Mall of America yesterday...and crazy thing they are out of STOCK can you believe it in so many things...our economy must be getting better! This is very whimsy! Indeed!

dthaase said...

I she you should name her Whimsy - a great addition to this week's collection - so glad you came by

Gourdess said...

She's adorable!

Judy Goddard said...

Very pretty! Very sweet! I think the hair is just fine!

Jehanne said...

Thanks for you comments :)

Yup it is difficult to get some lego lol - think their online game must have helped with sales lol