Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday snails

A friend suggested I do some snails for some stamps, which is rather cool as I have illustrated 2 children's books where the snails were the stars, even though in one they were more like the main course :)
Snails are rather interesting creatures when the weather is warm enough (usually summer) they swarm out onto the road here and you can't walk without hearing a crunch and crack and if you listen very carefully "ArGgggggh...."
Hope you have a good Sunday.


I had prepared this for Sophia's Sunday Sketches ( the triple S); however, it is canceled this week due to a family emergency. If you are a SSer take a mo and send her a little support. Sophia we are crossing out fingers, toes and antennae for your dad.


Heather said...

your snails are ADORABLE! I would hate to crack and crunch on them...he he he. wow, i imagine that is a sight to see all of the snails in the road. I really like these! Nice job! xo - heather

EVA said...

Very cute snails!! I can just imagine the wonderful illustrations you'll do with them!

Missy said...

Cute, I really like the one with the teeth!

Jehanne said...

Thanks you all :)