Wednesday, June 24, 2009

By Artful Xpressions

I just wanted to share a card Micki of Artful Xpressions made with the Jessi stamp. I really love the colours, colouring and background and how alive and happy the card looks. Thanks for doing a great job.
A direct link to the card is here


Anonymous said...

How cool is this card?
Fun it shouts FUN FUN FUN at the topof her lungs. The colors.. the coloring of the lil girl.. her posture... I can see her smiling..sniffing deeply... The paper rocks!! I love Micki's work and have followed her for a few yrs now..

debinicol said...

what a fab card...I sure love all the cheer in the colors! just my cup of it!

TN Granny said...

Way to go Micki darling card and your colors are precious.

Karen said...

such a fun and happy card - love it!!