Friday, June 12, 2009

Making Stamps - Summer Day Girl

Boy this stamp making business is rather a bit more complicated than I had original thought. The problem comes with the line width. While in embroidery designs the bigger the line the better and no line even better, in stamping the opposite seems to be true. And while in embroidery a complete picture per say is desired in stamping it is not eg when a girl sits in embroidery clipart it is good to have things around her eg rock, flowers etc, but with stamping while you can have all that, it seems to be better not to as card making artist may desire to but this 3D element (a flower) or that. So the result I am finding is that I can't just change my colour filled clipart into stamp without some manipulation. Time is saved some times by not having to draw from scrtach but not much :(
Ah well here is my attempt with a new stamp set that will be up at later today when the states wake up. It is all done on the pc - digital water colour painting, then the painted clipart is opened in photoshop. In photoshop I used a ribbon gotten atomic cup cake as well as there cut out and tissue action.


June said...

This is cute. Not pretty, pinky, pastel but different and original. I definitely like it.

Andrea said...

Ooooh so cute!