Monday, June 15, 2009

Dotti's cook out

Here is an attempt using the Dotti digital stamp which can be found at I was not totally sure what to do with her, so in t he end I blotted out the star with a pot and wah-La got decided on a casual type invitation. Since the party is to be on the 4th of July I decided to go with the appropriate colours :) A digital paper as a the background, a corrugated cardboard jpg colour changed, resized. On one I used a glitter edge action but had to then trim it as it was too wide for my liking., figured out how to get the stitching action to work, but I am not overly happy with it. Then I added some brads, coloured the dotti clipart, her pot and steam. And then of course added some shadow. Of course this is a photoshop project as I don't have the materials to do the real think Free Smiley Courtesy of but if I did I am not sure I could do it with the kids around nor will I find by some mysterious monster my things decorating the house in one form or fashion. (I have now got to remove a page which mysteriouly was stuck to the parquet floorFree Smiley Courtesy of

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