Monday, June 22, 2009

Little clowns

Ahh this seems to be one of those morning I feel like doing nothing. My glasses are getting constantly smudged and my left sinuse feels heavy. Must be because I spent an hour last night and about the same time this morning trying to get an ip banning module on the site to work but with no luck all this is in hope to do the unthinkable and ban THE search engine spider -googlebot! He is the bane of my life as he messes up downloads and drives me crazy with his frequent visits. Today he has been by at least 5 times in as many hours. I have tried banning him via the google recommended robot text but he is ignoring it it seems

Anyway...i n a designer group the challenge last week was to great something related to the circus, and here on tv at sometime in the year (usually in winter I think) circus acts from Morocco are shown. These are rather cool as they feature acts from all over the world and not many animals are involved and focus more on the grace, strength and beauty of the human form. After saying all that I drew two little non svelte clown kids. Here is a pic of the boy using an embroidery effect program on the clipart.
The set can be found here and here

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